Theatrical and Concert Lighting Systems: Stage Lights and Entertainment Lighting Installation & Maintenance

ASL SYSTEMS are proud to offer following Lighting Services

Sales & Installation: We offer comprehensive sales and installation for all our products.

Site Visits: Personalised site visits to understand and meet your specific needs.

Product Demonstrations & Advice: Expert demonstrations and advice on our full range of products.

Support for Schools: From Professional Development Days to assistance with understanding technical setups like patch bays.

On-Site Training: Hands-on training for your equipment at your location.

Equipment Hire: A wide selection of equipment available for hire, including lighting, audio, video, LED screens, and special effects.

Service & Repairs: We provide both on-site and in-house repair services. Our team also supplies technical staff, including control board operators, to support your productions.

Test & Tag Service: Comprehensive testing and tagging for all electrical appliances, including 3-phase equipment. We provide detailed asset and test reports, complemented by a reminder service.

Theatrical Entertainment & Concert Lighting Experts

At ASL Systems, we stand at the forefront of providing unparalleled theatrical entertainment and concert lighting systems solutions in Melbourne. Our commitment to excellence fuels our delivery of comprehensive event lighting services, catering to a wide range of applications including stage performances, school festivities, studios, drama facilities, business gatherings, and much more.

Premier LED Wash and Lighting Equipment Provider

Our expertise in theatrical lighting and entertainment lighting services is unmatched. By incorporating advanced LED wash technologies and versatile lighting systems, we craft visually stunning environments. Our specialisation in manipulating light’s colour, size, and shape allows us to create unique atmospheres that enhance each event’s aesthetic appeal.

Stage and Lighting Innovation

At ASL Systems, customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We tailor our services to meet the exact needs of our valued clients. Whether you’re in need of sophisticated concert lighting systems or elegant theatre lights, our inventory is sure to exceed your expectations. Additionally, we offer stage lights for sale and stage lighting for sale, providing cost-effective solutions for every budget.

Professional Support and Maintenance

With a team of highly skilled professionals and technicians, we are equipped to offer comprehensive support services ranging from installation to maintenance and repair of lighting equipment. Available for on-site assistance or at our repair centre, our experts ensure your lighting systems function flawlessly, guaranteeing the success of your events.

By integrating wash light innovations and state-of-the-art light theatrical entertainment solutions, ASL Systems is your go-to destination for all your event lighting needs. Our services are renowned for their quality and timeliness, available at competitive prices that lead the market. For a lighting experience that transforms spaces and captivates audiences, trust ASL Systems to illuminate your next event.